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Support an Endowment

Choosing which ministries to support is arguably the most important consideration. In collaboration with our partners, American Baptist Foundation (ABF) has established several funds to support keys areas of their ministries.


This endowment provides financial assistance to our supported Members:

Your support for their ministries is critical. This includes supporting local pastors and congregations, improving the lives of children in poverty, and establishing schools and ministries worldwide. A small portion of each gift also goes to support ABCUSA as well as ABF operations. Click here to learn more about ABF's Inspirations Endowment


ABF has worked with many of our regional partners to establish endowments/funds that support pastoral leaders and local congregations, provide camp scholarships, plant churches, and a variety of other ministry objectives. Click here to learn more about ABF's Regional Endowments.
Consider supporting one or all!

ABC of Greater Indianapolis

Greater Impact Endowment

ABC of Great Rivers

F.L.O.W. Endowment

ABC of Massachussettes

The Transformation Fund

ABC of Nebraska

Preferred Path Endowment

ABC of Pennsylvania and Delaware

The Harvest Endowment

ABC of Ohio

Friends of the Region Legacy Endowment

ABC of Rocky Mountains

Empowerment Endowment

Additional information is available for each of these funds. Contact the ABF office and let us know that you desire to be a blessing to these worthy ministries!